@The facilities plan of the Higashi Ougijima FAZ zone was made based on the following concepts:

(1) Encouraging genesis of an international comprehensive distribution center by taking advantage of the easy access, provided by the port to the whole of the metropolitan area.

(2) Creation of a comprehensive distribution system aimed at improving and integrating distribution while keeping root in the daily life of the local community.

(3) Contributing to the formation of a port area open to the local community while establishing an import mart, exhibition facilities, etc.

@Aiming toward the realization of these topics, Kawasaki City plans to go ahead with the creation of an FAZ zone within the Port of Kawasaki.


@With goals being to improve and integrate distribution procedures, facilities to handle food products are being designed for incorporation into the Kawasaki Comprehensive Distribution Center, which has been built, managed and run by Kawasaki FAZ Inc.